OVERVIEW of the service:

Local Property Network (LPN) is a bespoke database networking system for local homeowners who wish to move locally.

LPN connects local movers with properties which match their requirements and present a part-exchange potential-one moving up market and one downsizing. Uniquely, these properties may-or may not-be on the market.

WHY the service has been developed:

FIND FIRST/SELL FIRST? – A common question! Why look for your dream home, when you need to sell your own-and yours isn’t even on the market yet? Or, why find a buyer for your house when you have nowhere to move to- and there are only a limited number of houses out there, ever likely to be suitable? The advantage of LPN is neither property actually needs to be on the market, so you could benefit from a ‘private viewing’ of your ideal home.

I CAN’T COMPETE WITH A CASH BUYER! – There are more and more ‘cash buyers’ searching for houses. How can you compete, when your house needs selling and you then have a property chain? Sellers love cash buyers with no chain. LPN identifies a ‘perfect match’-with no chain!

MUTUAL DEPENDENCY AND RESPONSIBILITY-The built-in benefit of the LPN connection is that both sellers are reliant on each other as buyers. This generates mutual respect and dependency, plus a common control over the timescale for the transaction. Stress levels are likely to be minimal!

AN INTERNAL MARKET- Many people love this area so much, that they may never wish to leave. They wait to see if an ideal home comes to the market, without planning a move. Frequently they miss out because they have not sold. So there are lots of houses not on the market that potential buyers know nothing about-before LPN came along!

KEEP IT LOCAL – An LPN property match is, by definition, keeping matters extremely local. This is where your best buyer lives! A buyer who already knows what’s round the corner and someone who really appreciates all of the great stuff that makes you want to stay local.


   THE NITTY GRITTY: how does LPN work and how much does it cost?

A 10-step Guide

  1. Contact your locally authorised LPN specialist to request your FREE REGISTRATION.
  2. There is no initial contract- you may request the LPN specialist to also provide a full agency marketing service.
  3. Key details of your existing property are logged on to the bespoke LPN networking database.
  4. Details of what you are looking to buy are logged on to the bespoke LPN networking database.
  5. The LPN system cross-matches all properties to identify possible part-exchange properties.
  6. Once a potential is found for you, the local LPN specialist will contact you to establish if the matched property is definitely of interest.
  7. If both parties are interested, each house will be viewed. If mutually successful, the LPN specialist will discuss values with both sellers. A part exchange deal is then agreed, with a mutually negotiated cash difference.
  8. If a property does not have a current Energy Performance Certificate, one will need to be sourced in order to satisfy current legislation.
  9. Solicitors are then instructed by both sellers in the usual way, co-ordinated by the LPN specialist and progressed to a satisfactory completion.
  10. Our £1650 + vat fee is only due once the sale is completed to our introduced buyer and you have bought their property.

Local Property Network makes all the right connections.

It could find you your ideal home, your dream buyer…….

         ………and you don’t have to be on the market!

               0161 881 8228/sales@sherlockhomes4u.com