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What you need to rent a property

Before Moving In

Maintenance – who pays for what?

Emergency Repairs

Insurance – Loss of Rent fact sheet

Late Rent Policy

Useful telephone numbers

Guidance Notes

Complaints Procedure



What you need to rent a property

  • To reserve a property you will need to pay a holding deposit on the property to take the property off the market. This will go towards your moving in monies on completion. This payment will include the agency fee.
  • All tenants are required to complete a reference form.
  • All tenants are required by law to provide TWO forms of identification. A driving license, passport, utility bill and college identification are acceptable. One form of Identification must include your photograph such as your passport.
  • A UK based guarantor is required or a minimum of 6 months’ rent in advance; depending on the term of the tenancy
  • Within seven days of applying for a property, you are required to pay the outstanding monies in full. This will consist of a deposit for the tenancy/property and rent in advance. The deposit will vary from property to property but will be a minimum of £500.00. These monies must be cleared funds and for security reasons must be paid by bank transfer.
  • Agency fees are applicable. These charges are discounted for Students who have a valid Student card. Please refer to our Tenants’ Fees page for further details.
  • Properties are let as seen. Requests to landlords must be put forward BEFORE applications are processed. If your request is a deciding factor/condition of your tenancy, you must ensure you receive a firm written response BEFORE proceeding with your application. It will not be possible to hold the property and the property will remain on the market as available until you have paid the holding monies/deposit and completed your application and associated paperwork.
  • The holding deposit/monies paid to secure the property cannot be refunded if you withdraw from the application for any reason.
  • Please advise your referees of your application and ensure they reply in a timely manor. This will speed up your application.
  • Keys will not be released until all monies have been cleared and the tenancy agreement has been signed by all tenants along with the return of all associated documentation

Before moving in the following must be complete:


  • Online Referencing Application Form. (Will be sent to you via email)
  • Sherlock Homes Application Form.
  • TDS – The Tenancy Deposit Scheme – Deposit Scheme form (if managed)
  • Right to Rent documentation
  • Read and Sign Tenancy Agreement (Property cannot be Secured until Tenancy Agreement has been signed)
  • Pay non-refundable holding fee of £300.00 (see below)


STAGE 2 – TENANT MUST PROVIDE:-                                                               

  • Proof of ID – original documents of passport, driving license or birth certificate
  • Proof of Address – utility bill or an official letter dated within 3 months
  • Proof of Earnings – 3 months’ pay slips and 1 months’ bank statements dated within 3 months. For self employed tenants, 3 years’ audited accounts. For students, evidence of course and Student card



  • Continuing Guarantee and supporting documents, to include:-
  • Photo ID/proof of signature (passport, driving license or birth certificate) and proof of earnings/funds (3 months worth) or proof of home ownership (must be permanent UK resident).



Agency Fee
£275.00 for single or lead applicant and £100.00 per additional applicant (discounted for student tenancies and where the student is able to provide a valid student card)

Deposit Fee
To register the deposit. This is dependant on the tenancy deposit and tenancy terms but is not more than £30.00 per applicant

Minimum deposit £500.00. Deposits will vary depending on the property


If the tenancy commences BEFORE 15th of the month the rent is calculated pro-rata.
If the tenancy commences ON or AFTER the 15th of the month the rent from the date the tenancy commences to the end of the month along with the second months rent in full.


All the above must be paid within 7 days of securing the property. Please note that if your tenancy is due to commence within 10 days of you applying for the tenancy, the full balance must be paid in cleared funds by bank transfer and received within 3 days of your tenancy application and payment of holding deposit.

A non-refundable application fee of £300.00 must be paid for the application process to begin. This is deducted from the total due as set out above. The property will continue to be marketed until the full balance is paid as detailed above, however no further applications will be accepted unless the applicant fails referencing or full payment is not received within the time period stipulated.

Should you fail the referencing process the landlord may still accept the tenancy provided the guarantor is fully referenced through our required referencing company. Should this be required there is an additional cost of £100.00 per guarantor.


Stage 5 – On moving in day:-

  • Collect keys and Welcome Pack Documents.
  • Complete standing order mandate provided and post to your bank. It is your responsibility to check the standing order mandate is in place before first rent falls due and that your rent is paid on time each month.


Maintenance – who pays for what?

Renting an apartment or house is not the same as staying in a hotel. The following is a quote from Lord Denning, which briefly summarises the legal position:

“……..the tenant must take proper care of the premises. He must if he is going away for the winter, turn off the water and empty the boiler, he must clean the chimneys when necessary and also the windows; he must mend the electrical light when it fuses, he must unblock the sink when it is blocked by his waste. In short he must do the little jobs around the place which a reasonable tenant would do. In addition he must not of course cause damage to the house wilfully or negligently…but apart from such things, if the house falls into disrepair through fair wear and tear or lapse of time or for any reason not caused by him, the tenant is not liable to repair it.”

The above sets out in brief how a tenant should treat their home/rented accommodation along with examples of what they are expected to do ie “the little jobs around the home”. Technology has since moved on and tenants are now required to keep the heating on low when away for the winter; to ensure that the pipes do not freeze and burst. Burst pipes as a result of freezing and any damage caused as a result are chargeable to the tenant. Likewise the tenant should ensure that the windows are locked and the doors are secure, lights are left on to help prevent burglary.


Examples of landlord responsibility

  • Roof leaking
  • Heating system break down (with the exception of where the tenant has failed to keep the boiler topped up)
  • Repair external windows due to fair wear tear
  • Major drainage issues not caused by tenants’ waste
  • Socket not working *
  • Shower broken
  • Appliance broken *
  • Vermin within 2 weeks of moving in

*Where damage has not been caused by mis-use of the tenant. Some appliances have a warranty


Examples of tenant responsibility

  • All light bulbs
  • Fuses
  • Blocked sink and drains
  • Cupboard doors that have become loose
  • Broken chairs
  • Vacuum cleaner filter/belt/bag (where supplied)
  • Stair cleaning within personal dwelling
  • Relighting pilot light on GCH boiler
  • Topping up of GCH boiler
  • Vermin after 2 weeks
  • Washing machine broken due to overloading/bra wires/coins in filter


What is the tenant responsible for?

Furniture: The items provided will be detailed on your inventory and should be checked and signed off by both you and your landlord or agent. These items once provided will normally not be removed or changed and should remain in the room in which they were found. Please ensure that you take full care of the furniture and clean and/or repair them where they have become damaged or soiled. Please note that any replacements are charged to the tenant on an ‘as new basis’.

Drains/Sinks: Please ensure that only normal waste is flushed down the toilet and drains. Problems only occur when care is not taken e.g. rice, fat and food is put down the sinks and sanitary towels, too much toilet paper, wipes and other bulky items etc. down the toilet. This is neglect by the tenant and is fully chargeable to the tenant.

Vacuum cleaners: If provided, the vacuum cleaner will be in working order. It is your responsibility to empty bags, replace belts and pick up any debris from the brush and keep the brush and working clear. The neglect or misuse of a vacuum cleaner will result in it not functioning correctly or breakage and this too is classed as neglect and is fully chargeable to the tenant.

Window/Glazing/Security: Should any damage e.g. broken windows, doors, frames etc. be caused as a result of neglect, it is the tenants’ responsibility to repair the damage as this does not constitute a landlords covenant.

The tenant will also be liable for costs of any boarding up or securing of the property. Such costs other than these can be claimed off the tenants’ own insurance policy.


Insurance – We recommend that tenants take out insurance to cover break-ins and accidental damage.


Emergency Repairs

Sherlock Homes will provide you with a Welcome Pack at the commencement of your tenancy. Within this pack will be details of our out of office hours emergency call-out service. The Emergency Number is for real emergencies only such as gas leaks, and water leaks that cannot be contained within a bucket overnight for example.

If an emergency arises outside normal office hours, please call our Out of Hours Emergency number 07789 988201. Please use this number in extreme emergencies only as the operator will not be able to assist you with any other matter.

There will be a penalty charge for misuse of the emergency service. Charges for misuse of this service are £35.00 per telephone call, £65.00 callout charge and £45 per hour thereafter. These charges are subject to VAT.

Certain emergencies require immediate attention from public services such as a fire, or gas leak outside of the building and tenants are expected to use their common sense in contacting the relevant services in such circumstances.

Contractors will only attend the property if it is felt the situation requires urgent attention and if a visit to the property is deemed necessary.

Please note that any charges for urgent lock changes and broken windows etc, that are the responsibility of the tenant will be recovered from the tenant in full and a deposit may be required in advance of any work taking place. The contractor will only attend at the request of the tenant where a) if the contractor is free to do so and no real emergency elsewhere has occurred which would priority b) an email has been received from the tenant confirming they understand that they will be charged for the callout and accept these charges.


For guidance the following would constitute an emergency:

  • A leak that cannot be stopped and if not stopped immediately will cause damage to the property or adjoining properties – the size of receptacle required for containing the leak would also determine the level of emergency.
  • A complete failure of electrics – your power supplier should be contacted first. Check you have paid your bill or that your meter is in credit. Also check the fuse has not tripped. Callouts where you have no credit/not paid your provider or simply the fuse has tripped or needs changing will be chargeable to the tenant at £65.00 plus VAT and £45 plus VAT per hour thereafter.

If a non-emergency repair arises outside normal office hours, please contact the office by post or email (repairs@sherlockhomes4u.com) as set out in the repair procedure within your Welcome Pack. Please note that the Landlord does not accept any responsibility for repairs unless reported in writing and your correspondence has been acknowledged, ie receipt provided. Reports of repairs in writing must be sent by Recorded Delivery to confirm receipt. Emails will be acknowledged by the Repairs Department on receipt.


Insurance – Loss of Rent fact sheet


  • A serious problem with a flat or house may make it uninhabitable. Until it can be reinstated Insurance Companies view Tenants in the same way as if they were Owner Occupiers.
  • It is the Insurance Company and not Sherlock Homes or the Landlord who will decide when loss of rent can be allowed. This includes the decision on if a tenant can move out.

Tenants have an obligation under common law to “minimise a loss” for insurers.

The following guidelines have been prepared by a “Loss Adjuster” to help explain:

Issues regarding Loss of Rent

  • Loss of Rent issues relating to the operation of an insured peril. A policy will only pay the income that is lost whilst a property is uninhabitable
  • The policy does not cover inconvenience to the tenants
  • As a guide, when the property in uninhabitable due to serious damage, no electricity/heating that cannot be easily repaired, where all toilets/bathrooms are affected.
  • It is the responsibility of the tenant and owner to mitigate any loss and this includes loss of rent. An example would be when a ceiling has collapsed in a bedroom but there is a spare room or another room at the property where the tenant could stay whilst the repairs are carried out. No claim as no loss of rent incurred.
  • The period of loss of rent is from the date of loss/or when tenants are due to move in until the property becomes habitable again. It is the responsibility of the owner/policyholder to demonstrate that he/she has incurred a loss.
  • A copy of the lease may be required to demonstrate actual rental income loss
  • The policy covers loss of rent to the policyholder. It does not cover compensation to the tenant.


A fire makes a flat uninhabitable. Clear loss of rent

A washing machine in the upstairs flat leaks causing some dripping into the flat below. No loss of rent. Claim for repairs only.

This is only a general guide. Each claim will have to be assessed on it’s own merits and circumstances.

Each insurer will have it’s own rules.


Late Rent Policy

When is rent due? All rent is due in cleared funds on the date stipulated within your tenancy. Most rents are due first day of each calendar month. The payment method preferred is by Standing Order Mandate or Bank Transfer. You will be given a specific folio number at the commencement of your tenancy to quote on your mandate or bank transfer. This folio number will enable our computer system to identify and process your payment quickly. Please ensure you set up your mandate in time for funds to be received on the date due, ie 1st of the month.

Missing rent. Standing order payments may not arrive in our account for a variety of reasons, the main ones being:

  • Insufficient funds in your account
  • Cancellation of a standing order mandate by the account holder
  • Failure to process / set up the standing order mandate.

It is the tenants’ responsibility to ensure that payments are received in full and on time, and that any mandate has been successfully set up with their bank.

Your landlord and Sherlock Homes do not have authorisation to speak to a tenant’s bank. If there are insufficient funds or if the standing order mandate has been cancelled or failed, the tenant must rectify the position personally.

Late rent policy. If rent is late or if it does not arrive at all, the landlord still has his own obligations such as mortgage payments.

It is not the landlord’s nor is it the managing agent’s responsibility to chase the tenant for rental payments. It is the responsibility of the tenant/s to ensure that their rent is paid promptly and on time and to take the necessary measures to check that the payment has been made.

Under the terms of a lease agreement, all rent must be paid on the due date, i.e. first (1st) day of each calendar month. The terms of the lease to which you and your guarantor have agreed stipulate that if you are in a shared property, all tenants and guarantors are liable for any missing rent/rent arrears and any associated costs as a result.

If any rent is missing, an automated letter will be sent to you stating the arrears. This production of this letter raises a rent arrears charge on your account. You may also receive email correspondence and/or a telephone call. It is the responsibility of all tenants to make payments of any amounts outstanding, to include charges such as rent arrears charges.

Should you fail to pay your rent once correspondence has been sent to you chasing any arrears, or you have been contacted by telephone, you will be charged for each reminder thereafter at no less than £35.00 plus VAT for each instance. Should any rent and or late payment fees still remain outstanding, additional charges may apply include debt recovery costs.

We will pass all unpaid rent matters to an outsourced legal team at 5 working days overdue! The administrative fees (starting from £150 plus VAT) are aimed at those tenants who fail to pay rent and are intended to cover the cost of credit control and administration.

The direct cost of chasing late rent is charged only to those tenants who pay late. Our aim is to try and help/encourage all tenants to pay on time. The cost of chasing missing rent is very high and is recoverable from the tenant and/or their guarantors under the terms of the tenancy agreement

Legal action. Ultimately if no rent is paid, or where rent is continually late and arrears have accrued, we will on the instruction of your landlord, hand over the rent recovery to a debt collection agency or legal firm to collect the rent arrears and any charges and where necessary proceed to eviction. The decision to commence legal action lies with the landlord and not Sherlock Homes.

If Court action is found necessary, your landlord is likely to request that it will be raised against all tenants and usually Guarantors. The Court will order for you to repay the debt and in most cases you will also be ordered to give up possession of your home/rental accommodation and pay for any associated costs including Court costs. The Courts have the power to ultimately arrest bank accounts, property and wages. In very extreme cases an individual can be declared bankrupt. A County Court Judgement is likely to impact on credit ratings which may hinder you finding alternative rented accommodation and also mortgage applications and other credit.

Your help in ensuring rent is received on time every month is greatly appreciated.


Useful telephone numbers

To obtain details of the current suppliers of gas to your property telephone the National Grid enquiry line on 0870 608 1524. This is an automated service and you will requite your address details.


To obtain details of the current suppliers of electricity to your property telephone the regional Network Operator MPAS enquiry line on 0870 751 0093.


British Gas  0800 048 0202
E.On 0800 051 0760
EDF Energy 0800 096 9000
Npower 0845 166 3166
Scottish Power 0800 048 1641
Southern Electric 0800 980 2475
United Utilities 0845 746 2233


Manchester City Council 0161 234 5000 ctax.enquiries@manchester.gov.uk
Salford City Council 0161 794 4711 revenues@salford.gov.uk
Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council 0161 912 2220 council.tax@trafford.gov.uk
Warrington Borough Council  01925 44 4400 revenues&benefits@warrington.gov.uk
Bury Metropolitan Borough Council 0161 253 5000  counciltax@bury.gov.uk


Guidance Notes

Noise – Whilst we understand you have the right to enjoy your home we ask you to be courteous to your neighbours and do not use excessive noise at inappropriate times. Please be especially considerate if you are living in a block of apartments.

Security Doors – if living in a block, please ensure all doors shut behind you, this will ensure continued security. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES LET ANYONE ELSE KNOW THE CODE, AND DO NOT LET ANYONE INTO THE BLOCK THAT IS NOT KNOWN TO YOU.  If you lose the key to the main entrance door of the building/block of apartments, you may be required to stand the cost of the replacement lock and key cutting for other residents within the building.

Lost keys – all keys will be charged for if lost or copies are needed, some key might be security keys and cannot be cut at a locksmith and may take time to arrive. Keys will be a minimum charge at the following:

Flat key                                    £15.00

Post box key                           £15.00

Car Park Fob                           £75.00

Communal Door Key           £25.00

Change of lock                        £95.00 plus

Rent – This is due on the 1st of the month, and should be paid by STANDING ORDER.  Late payment of rent will result in you being charged with administration costs, interest on any arrears, legal and administrative costs and ultimately County Court proceedings.

Moving Out – One month’s notice is required by law, of your moving out, and it must be in writing and signed by all tenants sent to the address on the front cover of this leaflet.  It is recommended that you either hand deliver your notice or send by recorded delivery. Your notice is taken from the date it is received. You will be sent a written formal acknowledgement confirming the balance due to the end of your tenancy. Should the keys be returned late, one day’s rent per day will be charged.  On failure to return the keys on time, the locks will be changed and you will be charged the full cost.

New Tenancies – If a new tenancy or tenancy addendum is requested, this is accepted only upon the landlord’s approval.

Administration is charged at the following but may be subject to change:

Tenancy extension                £90.00

Tenancy addendum              £90.00

Transferring Tenancies – If you request all or part of your tenancy to be transferred to another individual or a party to the tenancy requests to be removed this is at your landlord’s discretion and a new replacement tenancy will be required. If this permission is granted you must pay all the costs involved in preparing the documents and replacement tenancy. All tenant’s party to the original agreement will continue to be responsible for the tenancy as per the tenancy agreement along with the terms and conditions within it until a new agreement has been signed. Please contact the office, in writing to request a transfer of tenancy where the full procedure will be explained.

Administration is charged at the following but may be subject to change:

Referencing and credit checks        £150.00

Inventory fee                                         £90.00

References – If you request a written reference from us, this is charged at £25.00.

Ending a Tenancy – Where tenants wish to end their tenancy whether on a rolling contract or a fixed term, they are required to provide a minimum of one months notice in writing.  It is the tenants responsibility to ensure that this notice is received by the landlord or the landlords’ agent and therefore delivery by hand or by registered post is advised.  The notice must include the signatures of every occupant noted on the tenancy and cannot be accepted where only part signatures are included.  The notice is taken from the date the correct notice is received by the landlord or his agent and cannot end before a fixed period of the tenancy.  Where the landlord wishes to end your tenancy, you will be given notice in a specific format providing you with two months notice.

Deposit – The deposit is registered with The Dispute Service, a leaflet is contained within your welcome pack. Your deposit is refunded upon moving out of the property and providing receipted Gas, Electricity, Water Rates,Council Tax (or its successor) and Phone Bills. If you are exempt from paying a utility for any reason, a letter from the utility company concerned must be provided.  PLEASE LEAVE YOUR FLAT CLEAN AND TIDY referring to the guidelines provided within your notice to quit confirmation letter. Ensure that ALL keys are returned before 12.30 on the date of departure.  Should your flat have suffered any damage, we will repair and deduct the cost from your deposit before refunding.  Please note that should this office need to liaise with any of the utilities on your behalf, then you will be charged from £35.00 per call or correspondence/letter or email etc

Laundry – No washing or drying should be left in the common areas, on balconies or hung from windows.  Please do not hang laundry over radiators as this damages the décor and causes condensation.

Decorations and Alterations – Usually, the landlord will have no objections to any improvements you may care to make, but please check with us first.  Your request must be in writing and will be acknowledged in writing.  Authorisation is required from your landlord before any alternations are made.  For example, we would not like to see one of the properties left, having been painted throughout in a glaring purple.  The landlord or his agent will set out the terms of any agreement for you to make alternations, for example you must use picture hooks when putting up a picture, remove the hooks at the end of your tenancy and make good the décor to a professional standard.

Gardens and Grounds – Are for the use of the tenants only, and their guests.  Please remember that other tenants will be using them.  Keep them tidy and leave no litter. Where you as tenant are responsible for the garden maintenance, you will be required to maintain the garden and grounds throughout the tenancy as well as ensuring the grounds and gardens are tidy and maintained at the end of the tenancy.

Refuse – There are refuse containers provided.  Please put all refuse in the bins.  The local authorities empty these once per week.  No refuse must be left outside your flat.  You will be charged for any refuse which is removed on your behalf during or at the end of your tenancy.

Landings and Common Areas – Please keep these clean, clear and tidy at all times.  Any bicycles, boxes, etc. will be removed and locked away or disposed of.  Any storage recovery or disposal of these items will be charged to yourself.


Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint, please address your complaint in writing to the manager.  We endeavour to reply within seven working days.

If still not satisfied please address your complaint to :-

The Manager
Sherlock Homes Properties Limited
58 Beech Road
Chorlton Green
M21 9EG